Amanda Gleig

Founder & CEO of Amanda Gleig Functional Health and The Optiwellness Group

Amanda Gleig is a Functional Health Coach living in Sydney, Australia. Amanda’s unique Hybrid approach to health coaching covers Functional Nutrition, Gut Health, Hormone Balancing, Fitness Training and Life Coaching enabling her to guide individuals towards optimization and reclaiming their lives.

With a profound understanding of the root causes behind health issues, Amanda works tirelessly to unravel the complexities and provide comprehensive solutions. Her journey has been blessed with the privilege of studying with and being mentored by esteemed luminaries such as Cyndi O’Meara, a renowned Nutritionist and bestselling author, Vince Pitstick, the Metabolic Mentor, Allen Cress, an IFBB pro, Dr. Carrie Jones, a leading hormonal educator, and Joel Brown, the visionary founder of Addicted2Success.

Amanda Gleig is an unparalleled force, empowering individuals worldwide to embark on transformative paths towards ultimate well-being.

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’’Unlock your Wellness Potential, Crack Your code to Optimal Health.’’


Functional Nutrition Consultant – The Nutrition Academy (Australia)

Microbiome Course – The Nutrition Academy (Australia)

Transformational Coach – Addicted 2 Success (Global)

Hybrid Health Coach – Metabolic Mentor University (USA) – (Functional Nutrition, Hormones, Supplementation and Fitness Training)

Own Personal Health Journey – University of LIFE

Smart DNA Practitioner – Genomic testing – Nutrigenomics and Gut Microbiome

DUTCH Practitioner – Hormone Analysis