Wanting to understand your Genomics and find out key genetic factors such as:

  • How well your body processes carbohydrates
  • Best ways to manage your weight
  • How well you metabolize certain vitamins
  • Your inflammatory response
  • Genetic risk factors for various diseases
  • How your body detoxifies environmental toxins
  • Your hormone metabolism pathway
  • Your stress responses

Your practitioner will be able to :

  • Order and review your report and make specific nutritional recommendations for you as well as supplementation and lifestyle interventions
  • Advise suggested preventative health strategies for long-term health

Price includes:

  • Full lab analysis of the SmartDNA Genomic Wellness Test and your results emailed to you pre-session
  • 1 x 60-min session to go through your results and answer any of your questions
  • Notes emailed to you after our session (so you don’t need to take your own and can focus on our session)
  • Comprehensive recommendations on nutrition, supplements and preventative strategies

***** IMPORTANT Please book your 60 minute session for at least 5 weeks after ordering ***** This allows time for your test to be ordered and delivered to you, the test done by yourself at home and then posted back to the head office, the lab to run the tests and then results to be received and interpreted. Should there be any delay in you returning your test, your appointment may need to be moved further out depending on lab testing timeframes.